Ras el Bar aims to become a dynamic and revitalized destination by promoting development and improving infrastructure. It offers a harmonious fusion of relaxation, entertainment, and cultural richness. Doray's compound, spanning 1 km along the seaside, captures the essence of nostalgia while seamlessly integrating modern amenities. This destination not only pays homage to its historical significance but also invites a new generation to experience the enchantment of this magnificent coastal gem.


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    Doray Bay Ras Elbar

    Nestled along the coastline, Dorra’s compound spans a magnificent 1 km of pristine seaside. Its essence lies in reviving a nostalgic allure, seamlessly merging the timeless elegance of the past with contemporary amenities. This exclusive destination not only pays homage to its rich history but also captivates a new generation, inviting them to experience the enchantment of this dazzling coastal gem.

    Nestled along Nakheel Street, this prestigious site spans an impressive 1 km of direct seafront access. Positioned in a privileged location on the Ras El Bar coast, it offers captivating vistas of the enchanting Mediterranean Sea.

    1. Convenient ATM's.
    2. A modern and convenient bicycle sharing system.
    3. An indoor pool for year-round enjoyment.
    4. A central satellite for enhanced connectivity.
    5. A dedicated kids area for their entertainment.
    6. Padel courts for active recreation.
    7. A refreshing pool and a stylish serving bar.
    8. Football courts for thrilling matches.
    9. A well-stocked mini mart for daily essentials.
    10. A restaurant and cafe offering delectable cuisine and beverages.
    11. Chic retail outlets for shopping convenience.
    12. Administrative offices for efficient management.
    13. A well-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts.
    14. Storage facilities for added convenience.
    15. A cinema room for entertainment and relaxation.

    Ras el Bar, a captivating destination, is poised to become a thriving hub through strategic development and infrastructure enhancement. It offers an impeccable fusion of serenity, entertainment, and cultural opulence. Nestled along a breathtaking 1 km coastline, Doray's compound epitomizes a nostalgic charm harmoniously blended with contemporary luxuries. This extraordinary haven not only pays homage to its glorious heritage but also entices a new generation to revel in the enchantment of this magnificent coastal gem.


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